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Maine Oxy is a proud supplier of the most welding and chemical accessories on the market today. Product lines are available at any of our store locations.

MIG Guns

mig gun
Maine Oxy carries MIG guns from all major vendors. We also offer aftermarket MIG guns for your machines.

TIG Torches

tig torch
CK World Wide
CK Worldwide offers a complete line of industry standard torch models.


Electrode Holder

fm holder
LENCO electrode holders (upper and lower tongs) are made from a high copper alloy for maximum conductivity and strength.

Cable Connectors

fm connectors
The advanced design of LENCO cable connectors offers many advantages over older styles. Cam action design of male half connector pulls the two halves tightly together.

Ground Clamp

fn clamp
A good ground connection is just as important in a welding circuit as the holder and the cables. A good ground clamp reduces energy costs, extends cable life,
helps produce consistent welds and allows ground location to be easily changed.


a carts
From small, home-based shops to the largest construction and industrial sites, our oxy/acetylene carts will put your cylinders where they need to be.


a hose
Grade R or T hose designed for portable or production line welding. Used with oxygen and most current fuel gases.


Find the right anti-spatter, coating spray, nozzle dip, or cleaner at Maine Oxy.

Preferred Vendors

Supplemental Accessories

  • Bernard / Tregaskiss
  • Binzel
  • Camlock
  • CK Worldwide
  • Contour
  • Dayco
  • Direct Wire
  • GC Fuller
  • Harper
  • Jackson
  • Koike Aronson
  • Lenco
  • Markal
  • Phoenix
  • Profax
  • RE Lee
  • Reelcraft
  • Saf-T-Cart
  • Sumner
  • Superior Products
  • Tempil
  • Tweco
  • Weldcraft
  • Weldmark
  • Western

Chemicals & Flux

  • Allstate
  • Arcal
  • Dynaflux
  • Engelhard
  • Esab
  • Gilbreth
  • Golden Empire
  • Harris Welco
  • Magnaflux
  • MB Industries
  • Weld-Aid
  • Weldcote Metals
  • Weldmark