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Auto Helmet

auto helmet
Light Weight High Quality Variable Shade Auto Darkening Welding Helmet by Weldmark. Quality at a reasonable price.


passive helmet
Passive welding helmet technology! Lightweight shell with shade 10 lens.


TIG Gloves

safety gloves
The best TIG gloves offer superb touch, feel, and protection. Look for great gloves from Tillman and Revco.

MIG Gloves

mig gloves
MIG gloves are designed to be comfortable, increase dexterity, and maximum protection.

Work Gloves

work gloves
Maine Oxy caries a great selection of work gloves to keep your hands safe while on the job site.


Welding Jackets

04 apparel--Jackets--Revco
Maine Oxy has you protected with a wide selection of welding jackets.

Hi-Vis Jacket / Vest

safety jackets
Combine Be seen! With Maine Oxy's Class 2 & 3 Hi-Vis apparel.

Cape, Bib, & Sleeve

welding bib
Traditional safety apparel.

Blankets / Screens


safety blanket
Protect the people and equipment you need. Maine Oxy has welding blankets to protect you from slag, sparks, and spatter.


safety screen
The flame resistant vinyl material provides work area visibility while protecting passersby from harmful rays and stray sparks.

Face Protection


safety headgear
Maine Oxy carries a full line of headgear and accessories.

Eye Glasses

10 face-Protection--Glasses--Pyaramax
With a large selectiong of eye ware, Maine Oxy has you covered.


Hearing Protection

safety hearing
Hearing protection is important, find comfortable lightweight ear protection at Maine Oxy.


Breath easier with respirators suitable for welding applications.

Preferred Vendors

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  • Ace Industrial
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  • Fibermetal
  • Kimberly Clark (Jackson)
  • Lincoln
  • Majestic
  • Miller
  • Moldex
  • Pyramex
  • Revco
  • Sellstrom
  • Steiner
  • Tillman
  • Torit / Donaldson
  • Uvex
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